Manufacturers of USB flash drives and memory cards

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Manufacturers of flash drives and memory cards

In the market there are many manufacturers of flash drives, new and old ones disappear. The best known to date:
Lexar JumpDrive 
TwistTurn 32GB
USB Flash Drive 
  • Apacer
  • Corsair
  • KingMax
  • Kingston
  • PQI
  • SanDisk
  • Transcend
Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and apart from other more or less well-known brands, there is a whole army of Chinese manufacturers. Flash drives and cards are very popular and there are more and more different models. 

Unusual and souvenir usb flash drive

In addition to standard flash drives, which are all used, there is also a large variety of unusual usb flash drive. Inside arranged about the same - in flash memory chips are nearly identical devices, controllers, too, the choice of body materials also limited. 
Manufacturers have found a way in the design of devices. They may look like sushi, or as toys, as food or as pets. Now the stick - is not just storage and transfer of data, and jewelry. Here are a few fun flash drives:
8GB mini mike wazowski
usb flash drive
from monster inc
Coca Cola style
usb flash drive 4GB
EMTEC Angry Birds
Collection 8GB
USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Euroge Tech® 8GB 
USB Flash Drive 
Camera Shaped

Which manufacturer usb flash drive better?

If you asked this question, then just heard directly opposite answers. Someone might say "only Kingston!", He and the other responds with "Kingston - ever, there is nothing better Transcend". This question is similar to " How to choose a reliable hard drive? ", but in contrast to the hard disk, where some producers, the choice of flash drives still much more.
To date, well-known manufacturers are about the same level.The standard model flash drives the same speed and volume of different manufacturers price will be about the same. In USB flash drives from different manufacturers may well be the same controller and the same memory chips. So that the " recovery flash Kingston "is no different from the" recovery flash drives Transcend "or any other manufacturer.
No manufacturer is immune from marriage, if you find a defective flash drive, you can just change it under warranty.If you is the soul of a certain brand of flash drives - feel free to use it. And if not, decide the criteria - volume, speed, size - and buy any model from any reputable manufacturer. Well-known manufacturers are generally more high-quality assembly, but there are many cases when noname stick lived for several years and continue to perform well.

How to choose a reliable stick?

To choose a reliable usb flash drive, you need to define what you mean reliability. Since all of the stick in a very similar, the manufacturers of flash drives are two criteria:
  • Shockproof USB drive
  • Flash drive with encryption information
If none of these factors for you is critical, then the stick of different manufacturers and all models are created equal. Any serviceable flash drive from any manufacturer over time can break. Among Data Recovery we recover the information to many people and organizations with a variety of flash drives and memory cards. So be sure to make a backup of your valuable data - this is the best guarantee of reliable safety of your information.
Corsair Flash Voyager
 64GB USB 3.0 
Padlock Secure 8 GB 

Flash drives have no moving parts, but in the fall and damage the body there is a risk that the flash drive is affected. Therefore, many manufacturers have models shockproof flash devices, such as, Corsair Voyager GT or shockproof ADATA Sport. Such models are usually made in a rubberized case to mitigate the effects of a blow or a fall.They also can be waterproof to avoid getting water on the electronic stuffing flash drives. The main task - to reduce the impact of unfavorable factors.

Transcend Security Series 8 GB 
Hardware Encrypted 
USB Flash Drive 

If you select a reliable flash key to protecting sensitive information against unauthorized access, while using hardware encryption. In the market there is a flash device with built-in encryption of valuable information, for example, Transcend JetFlash c 256-bit AES encryption.

If you do drop your flash drive, it broke apart and no longer works, I often flash data recovery is possible. the main memory chips to remain intact. 

And the last thing, if you need some reference how to recovered the files when you have a problem, you can read this article "recovery software program for usb flash drive.
Hopefully with this short article can give some input regarding usb flash drive

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