Recovery Software for Usb Flash Drive

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Recovery Software for Usb Flash Drive

With all the variety of different software and utilities, depending on the task, there are two different types of recovery programs for flash drives.
1. Program for recovery file from USB drive and valuable data, such as accidental deletion or after formatting, if the missing file folder or even an entire section. Such problems with flash, we are classified as "logic." If you format the memory card in the camera with valuable images, or accidentally formatted USB-flash drive with important files and you do not have a backup, then the first section of this article for you.
2. Software program for error usb flash drive , that is to repair usb flash drive . If the flash drive is not defined, can not be read, but the value of the data on the device is minimal and you just want to flash the drive working again, then for you the second section of this article.
So, you've decided what you're interested in?

Program for Recovery File from USB flash drive

To recover data from flash drives in the event of environmental problems, ie when the device is physically correctly, the same great programs that work with hard drives. When formatting or file system fails, the files usually remain intact, broken only system table file system, so the ability to recover data from Flash devices.
Before proceeding, determine for yourself the value of data and alert them to lose in trying to self-recovery. If you decide to try to recover the data yourself, it is important to follow two rules:
1. Tranquility . Do not bother and do not panic, even if something goes wrong. Only panic can explain the strange things that men do that then it becomes difficult even for professionals to pull the data.
2. Nothing is written to the flash media from which you want to save the data. This means that we should not try to write new files to check the device to work at all or not, just do not want to format. There should be no write operations to the flash drive. Data recovery software with flash only read information, and the recovered files should also be saved to any other partition or device.
Usually a problem with the "logic" can be easily solved independently by experienced users. If you follow these two simple rules, even in difficult cases, you do not do worse and then be able to recover data specialists.

Program R-Studio

R-Studio - one of the oldest, most reliable and proven software on the market recovery. This program supports all file systems that are used on flash drives - FAT12/16/32/exFAT, NTFS, as well as Mac OS file systems - HFS / HFS + and Linux -Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 .  are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. We do sometimes use the program R-Studio with simple recover deleted files from flash drives and hard drives.
Program paid and certainly one of the best. R-Studio utilities can recover deleted files from USB drive or memory card to find deleted or damaged partitions to recover data from it, recover data after formatting, even for different file system. you can ENTER To WEBSITE to collect what you need, there are paid program and some free program to use

Program TestDisk and PhotoRec

TestDisk and PhotoRec - are two command line utilities, open source, which are distributed free of charge. Both programs work with both hard drives and removable media, such as flash drives and memory cards.
TestDisk - partition recovery software for flash drives, memory cards and other devices.  this program, TestDisk you can fix the partition or recover deleted partition, restore or rebuild the boot sector FAT/FAT32/NTFS.
To recover lost files, deleted pictures from digital camera cards or hard drives use the program PhotoRec. You can download the program from here :
1.Program Test disk and Photo rec for win.png Windows
2.Program Test disk and Photo Rec for win.png Windows 64-bit

Software Program for Error of Usb Flash Drive

Programs in this section are intended dyal of program repair the stick, they should be used only if the data on the flash drive does not represent value for you. This section is created just for your information, we are Data Recovery specialize solely on recovery and not engaged in repair and recovery of the flash drives.
The reconstruction algorithm performance flash drives as follows:
  • define the VID / PID flash
  • define the controller
  • looking for a utility to flash controller
  • Flashing Controller
JetFlash Recovery utilities except for flash drives Transcend and Dr. UFD for flash drives PQI, where these steps are automated and kindly hidden from the user by the manufacturer.

JetFlash Recovery Tool

Jet Flash Recovery Tool - a program for recovery of flash drives Transcend. If the flash drive company Transcend, read with errors, it is impossible to write anything while on it was not valuable information, then do not rush to throw. It is possible after using the JetFlash Recovery you can use it again. 
This program is designed to recover a broken usb flash drive, it does not restore the data and restores files. Instead, like the rest of the program, whose purpose - repair flash drive, JetFlash Recovery destroy any information that was on the flash drive.  program has the option of repairing the stick with data on them, but in many cases it does not work, and then you have to choose repair to remove the information.
The program Jet Flash Recovery simple and intuitive interface, so that despite the fact that it is only available in English and is easy to handle. Download JetFlash Recovery from below list . After using the program, you can use the memory stick again.

* JetFlash Recovery tool (for Windows 2000 SP4/ XP SP2/ Vista /7)
* JetFlash Recovery tool (for V15; for Windows 2000 SP4/ XP SP2/ Vista /7)
* JetFlash Recovery tool (for JF620; for Windows 2000 SP4/ XP SP2/ Vista /7)
* User Manuals for JetFlash Online Recovery


Dr. UFD (Uni Flash Drive) - a proprietary tool for repair and diagnostics of flash drives PQI. The program can Download from hereRun the program as administrator and connect a USB flash drive to your computer. The program will offer a choice of either a quick or full recovery of the stick, and all data will be destroyed. Then begins the process of formatting and restoring the stick.

Once you see the message about the successful completion of work - get out of the program, safely remove the USB flash drive. Then remove it from the computer and then reconnect it.If in the process the error occurred, or the flash drive still will not work - try the following method.

SAN DISK Recovery Tools

For sandisk usb flash drive, you can use this recovery utility software
Sandisk RescuePro Recovery 
Sandisk MobileMate SD Plus
USB Card Reader
RescuePro Software 

How to determine the VID / PID controller and flash the flash?

If you are faced with a common problem - flash card refuses to copy the information, you can not format it using standard, it is likely that there was a software failure of the controller. To find out what controller is in our flash drive run the program CheckUDisk , to find the VID and PID controller manufacturer of a USB device.
Now we need to find a utility to flash just this type of controllers. To do this, go to the database on the iFlash FlashBoot , in which legitimate users have brought information on a flash drive.
In the appropriate boxes indicate our VID and PID, in the search results appear, look for a similar stick. We are interested in information from the columns "Controller" and "utility." At the same site in the " files ", enter the name in the search tool for our entire stick, if you are lucky, you will find a utility, and it will come with instructions, following which you will be able to flash the controller stick and return to life.
Good luck to you in the resurrection of flash drives!

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