Review on Valley Enterprise USB to Serial FTDI chipset

Posted by adhi wahyudy on Friday, 14 December 2012

review about valley enterprises usb to rs232 serial db9 cable adapter ftdi chipset

Valley Enterprises USB to RS232 Serial DB9
Cable Adapter FTDI Chipset (10 Feet)
Product Features :
  • Supports RS232 serial interface to USB
  • Supports remote wake up and power management
  • Length: 10 feet
  • USB Chipset: FTDI
  • Fully supports Windows 7 and 8 64bit Systems

When purchased this valley enterprises usb to rs232 serial db9 cable adapter ftdi chipset, after fighting with the PL-2303 based adapters which cause BSOD in Windows 7 64-bit. While it was a bit more expensive, it’s a well made unit with a nice long cord with a TX/RX led embedded in the housing. Windows and linux work great out of the box due to the ftdi chipset which is the best usb to serial chip available.

Another point when we choose this valley enterprises usb to rs232 serial db9 cable adapter with ftdi chipset to connect  laptop to network equipment via the Cisco console connector. The experience with a cable based on the another  chipset has not been good (hard to find Windows 7 drivers, frequent BSOD, etc.) so for this somewhat more expensive cable that uses the FTDI chipset and have not been disappointed. 
Upon plugging the cable in the first time, Windows 7 automatically located and loaded drivers and then updated them to the latest version without any intervention. The cable works as expected and good experience a BSOD since switching from the old cable. Shipping was free and immediate. What more could I ask?

If we refer to new computer with the OS Windows 7 (64 bit machine). the other brand USB to RS232 Serial Port adapter that I had previously purchased elsewhere that had the Prolific driver failed to work.  but with this FTDI chipset. I highly recommend to use all the thing with communication cable USB -RS232

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