Solid State Drive SSD

Posted by adhi wahyudy on Monday, 3 December 2012

Solid State Drive SSD is one of the primary storage media other than the hard disk. 
In a computer, SSD and hard disk serves as a medium to put all the data. Booting a computer also uses these two objects.

Here are some following things about Solid State Drive SSD :

1. TRIM :

TRIM is a command that directly addressed to the firmware of the SSD. If you do not already know, the firmware is the same as the BIOS of the computer in general. 

A storage medium will always write and read data. When deleting a data, it is actually also an activity to write the data as well. In a hard disk, the data removal activity is not completely erased. Deleted is a link that refers to the data in a series of data called the Table Of Content. When there is no data that would be written in the (sector) of the same, the new data will be overwritten directly in the data (sector) long. This is called overwriting. 

In a hard disk, it is overwritten usual activities. Unfortunately, not for the SSD. Overwriting activities will lead to "junk data" or the English language is Garbage. Garbage is causing an SSD will slow down over time because the old data is still there so it makes SSDs have to sort out the old data with new. This makes SSDs slow in reading data. 

This is where the use of TRIM. TRIM sure when the operating system to write in the same sector, the old data will be lost in total with no more trash. In addition, the TRIM function will also make all sectors of the deleted and formatted to be clean. This will make an SSD becomes tight as new

2. Contents of Solid State Drive SSD

An SSD does not contain the same complicated mechanical hard disk. If you've seen a RAM (Random Access Memory or computer memory), the contents of an SSD like that. As the picture at the top, SSD only consists of a set of memory installed on the board.

3. MLC dan SLC

Both of these names refer to the type of memory used SSD. SLC stands for Single Level Cell. As the name implies, this type of memory will store a bit of data in a memory cell. Multi Level Cell or MLC, storing two bits of data in a memory cell. SLC has many advantages compared to MLC. Speed ​​is the first. In addition, the SLC also have longer life cycles than MLC. Unfortunately, the price of SLC type memory is more expensive than MLC, making rarely found in consumer SSDs.

4. Speed
SSDs have no moving mechanical advance should be in writing and reading data. In addition, the SSD does not have to do the rounds like a hard disk spindle. All done electrically. So automatically faster than a regular hard disk.

5. More Safety

There are some opinions that say that an SSD is more secure than a hard disk. The first reason is an SSD that does not have the mechanics in it to make it resilient storage media. When smashed, the hard disk will be damaged and your data would be inaccessible.

In addition to durable, vibration resistant SSD also. HDD is working when exposed to constant vibration will experience mechanical damage. This is not going to happen to the SSD. In addition, you will not find random noise that would be found in a HDD.

HDD tends to heat due to friction in the mechanical, the spindle in her lap. Hard disk heat can certainly make damage: it is time to say goodbye to your data.

6. Price

SSDs tend to be the same price. This is because the production of a flash memory cost more expensive. In addition, the technology is also relatively new. SSD is a new product that costs will come down over time.

The price of a cheapest SSD two years ago the same price with a capacity of 60 GB SSD today. For an SSD with a capacity of 64 GB you only have to spend around U$D 192.98 With the same price, you would have to get a hard disk with a capacity of 2 TB. The comparison is quite far. However, you have to look at it from different sides.

After seeing the above points, it can be seen that the SSD is more secure. Imagine you are a person who frequently travel with a laptop. While working on the car, all of a sudden there was a hole that resulted in your notebook crashed. When it happens to a hard disk, it can make your hard disk is damaged. Not with SSD. Data were worth millions of dollars were secured by an event like this. Essentially, SSDs are more durable, water, vibration, and heat.

See below picture to see some product size and price of solid state drive SSD mini pci-e :

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