Posted by adhi wahyudy on Thursday, 11 February 2010

I just want to share with my experience regarding diverter problem in my cogen project.
If you have some problem for the moving the diverter please kindly find explanation at below

1).The actuator cannot move In manual or automatic mode, the actuator cannot be moved or only in one direction. Cause : inside the pneumatic block have some moisture. (See page137 attached). Do this for problem only diverter movement.

2) Indicator display P 86.9 NO INI (positioner no initialization)
Cause : PRESET COMMAND = Established factory setting, after PRESET the positioner need to reinitialized. All previously determined maintenance parameters are deleted. ( see page 108 attached). Do this if you reset the parameter inside

Trouble shooting :
Open the pneumatic block and clean inside.(see page 28)
Re initialized the potentiometer with automatic initialization of part turn actuator ( see page 79-81 )
Change parameter SDIR ( SET POINT DIRECTION) factory default is RISE, change to FALL (see page 100-101).

If you need to do without shutdown the HRSG please contact me immediately.
I hope this kind information can solve your problem

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